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The Advanced Traders Workshop is presented once a year and is only available to students who have previously attended the Private Traders Workshop.

This particular module teaches Fibonacci Time Analysis and Short-Term trading strategies including Day-Trading with low risk.

Please read the comments from our students who had attended the 1-day Workshop on December 11th 2004.

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Sandy's course on the 11th. Dec.was an amazing revelation!

I attended the previous workshop when the precise use of Fib. ratios totally turned around the way I trade, and I actually started to have some considerable success.

I doubted that anything could improve on this-until I attended the 'Time Analysis' course. This potentially complicated system was presented in a way that everybody left feeling that, with a little practise, they could apply this to their Fib. trading.


The day was quite intense as other strategies were introduced, some of which are not openly taught, to enable those more aggressive traders to enter and exit the market in a very short space of time. Again, the potential was enormous, and subsequent paper trading of these techniques has confirmed this.

Anybody who has not yet attended one of Sandy's workshops should make this a priority.

The presentation is excellent - very precise but simple - and there is no doubt that he really has a passion for teaching. I feel very fortunate to have obtained a place on this course, as I gather it was massively oversubscribed.

I strongly urge you not to miss the next one if you want to turn your trading around without further expense investing in software and charting packages with all the 'bells and whistles.'

Thank you Sandy.

Phil Wingate
(December 11th 2004)


After three years of trying to trade profitably I decided that what I
needed was to find a genuine trader who was himself both successful and able to pass on his knowledge, but at a sensible price.

The difficulty was being able to identify someone from amongst the get-rich-quick characters, so the important thing for me was to, ideally, be able to meet the person first so I could then judge the individual, not just his website claims and Sandy's free seminars at Finspreads gave me that opportunity.

As a result I invested in his standard seminar - a review of which is available further down. Following that seminar, and some practice, I actually started to trade profitably, consistently, for the first time, so I had no hesitation in investing in his time analysis / day trading seminar (11 December).

The result is I now have two complementary strategies in different timescales, and I believe this latter short-term strategy will also prove to be profitable for me over time, once I have practiced and mastered it.

I agree with all the positive things said about Sandy's course in other
reviews and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is in a similar predicament to what I was, but bear in mind his courses are not for

Peter Debrou
(December 11th 2004)


Hello Sandy, 

Just a quick email to say, thanks for today’s course. I really enjoyed the day. Please don’t worry about replying because I know you are getting swamped with mail and life is too short to spend half of it sending emails! 

Re the trade2win thing ………….. I grudgingly opened a membership and put a few posts on (then deleted my membership!) – under the name skull trader. It seems to me that half the people on that site never succeed because they are too busy writing “expert opinions” rather than just buckling down and learning the art of trading. 

I know I’m still very much a beginner (and will be for a long time to come) but without doubt your workshops have brought me on in leaps and bounds, with knowledge it would have taken me years (if at all) and much money in lost trades prevented, and I am grateful. 

I can see where you are coming from with the newsletter though, and was only jesting when giving you a hard time re stopping the newsletter (although I was honest when I said I do learn a lot by seeing how you assess a chart). It never ceases to amaze me how, two minutes after explaining something at great lengths some people ask the craziest questions or try to argue a point against what you say just because they don’t want to accept they could be doing something wrong……….. 

All I can say is you are one of the most patient and tactful people I have ever met!

I don’t expect great riches in a week’s time but your course has most definitely made an impression on my trading outlook and method. I am definitely a Fibonacci convert since doing your first course and I like the way you teach (I like things simple too!). 

In fact, I will quickly tell you of my experience since I started trading, bearing in mind I have been paper trading since January and live since doing your course in September. By the way, I don’t mind in the least if you find the story of use in the future. (not that I’m saying it’s of any interest). 

When I first started trading live, I deliberately kept my bank low, to get experience in trading (£5000). When I started, I used the methods you showed me, with the stops where you showed me, etc and in the first month I made over £10000. (Looking back, I was fortunate to get into the market during a downside correction). 

Then I got a bit cocky, and started “modifying” things, putting on bigger stakes (10% instead of 5%, etc), pyramiding (without really understanding the dangers and methods, in hindsight) and so on. Within two weeks, I had lost the £10000 profit, plus another £2000 into the bargain! 

So I stopped what I was doing, went away and re-assessed what I was doing, sat down and wrote my trading plan out again (fresh start) and went back to trading with a proper, structured trading plan, keeping to the plan rigidly, with no more “impulse” placements, and guess what? ……….. suddenly I started making money again! (Admittedly, with lower, better managed stakes, but back to making PROFIT instead of loss). 

Sounds stupid, but I was glad it happened in the end, because although I was gutted at losing all I had made, it proved a point. I simply took on board what you showed us and applied it. Sometimes you need to make a mistake to learn a lesson and I think it certainly proved a point –  sticking to a trading plan with proper money management is definitely the way to go! 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have learned an incredible amount in the last few months, just by trading the markets, and your methods have helped me immensely. I never trade without considering risk / reward and fib levels and it has served me well, and given me the confidence to say I can do this and develop my skills in the long run, and if any more “expert” (wannabe) traders on a web site talk you down, be secure in the knowledge that in my book (and many others I am certain), you have no need to prove yourself or justify yourself.

I am in no position to judge but it seems to me some people will never succeed in trading no matter what anyway. 

Anyway, I hope this doesn’t sound like the ramblings of a madman, but I did want to let you know I am grateful. 

Thanks again, 

(December 11th 2004)

p.s. One of my favourite sayings is an old Chinese proverb that says: “Everything in life is simple – it is only the mind that complicates things” . I think it describes perfectly how you helped me understand what I initially dismissed as a complicated system (before your course).


Yesterday, the 11th December, I attended Sandy's spread betting trading course in London. This was my second full-day course with Sandy (I didn't post a review after the first course I attended in the summer, as I had only been trading for a few months then, so felt I needed a bit more experience before I could assess the value of Sandy's teaching.

First of all, the seminar : Sandy is a very friendly, patient and amusing guy, and makes a long day (9-6:30 yesterday) fly by. He started the session discussing with us how things had been going, our trading experiences, good or bad, over the last few months, and how we were getting on with his methods (I think everyone had been to at least one of his sessions before).

We worked through how the Dow has performed  this year, what the price signals were, and what we did and should have done in certain real-life situations. This tied in really well with the ongoing support that Sandy has given us, free of charge, since the previous seminar.

We also worked through a new technique which complements his main method, and looked at various day trading approaches.

I guess everyone will have their own opinion. Personally I would thoroughly recommend Sandy's seminars (though not too much as this one was oversubscribed and I only just squeezed in!). It's a method which does require some work, but I have found it easy to understand (he is clearly a good teacher) and it works for me - my results using it have been much better than when I go with my own instincts or use other approaches. 

My New Years resolution will be to stick more firmly to the rules and not to dabble in the markets! 

In summary, this is a trading approach that I like. I like the way Sandy teaches it, and so far it appears to yield results. In my experience the seminars more than pay for themselves, which is the ultimate value for money. 

To my best judgement, Sandy has a genuine interest in the success of the people who attend; he is careful to keep us real in terms of what can be achieved, but is very encouraging of our efforts.

Thumbs up from me.

All the best,

Tim Collard
(December 11th 2004)


I have just been on my second course with Sandy.

After having some good successes with the first one, then getting a bit too confident and not sticking to ALL the rules!!. I have learnt a few things that will not catch me out again.

The hardest thing for me was to go into a trade I had just lost and I would move on to another stock (big mistake!!) only to lose the trade that won - Sods Law! But I have had a couple of blinding trades too, one through a specific pattern Sandy taught us.. I was reluctant to do it after just losing a trade on it just the day before, but pushed myself to just do it and the next day to see a massive 350 point advantage! 

I find Sandy to be genuine and certainly a no hype person. He does not need to - his credentials and many years experience speak for him. The one thing he mentioned was the "fallout" after these workshops - the people who succeed, seem to a minimal percentage. I can see why, when things don't go your way for a while. But Sandy does try to keep it real and one of the harsh realities of trading seems to be you lose more than you win, but when you win (which seems to happen when you think you can never make your money back and more to produce a good profit) YOU WIN.

You must be prepared to lose - we all say yeah - that is fine, but when it happens, your stomach hits the floor and you just wish you were still using pampers. But you do get used to this... it becomes matter of fact. 

What I feel from these courses is that I just get gritty stuff from Sandy. No talk about Ferraris on your drive and yachts moored in St Tropez, but talk about arrogance being your biggest enemy in a more subtle way with some amusing stories! Yes it is simple, but all executions are simple when automated and taught, aren't they?.

What Sandy tried to get through though, by giving examples of people that have changed something slightly because of raw emotion and their "comfort" factor, it becomes a different strategy to what he taught. It takes a disciplined person to trade,  how many times do we hear this and think we "know". This is so true. If I stuck to the strategy, instead of "running scared" of losing another trade, or just moving on because I just lost a trade, I would have made a lot more winning trades. That is a fact.

Anyone who has tried Sandy's method and failed has failed themselves, because they have missed the point. You should be kicking yourself - not Sandy! They have reinvented what they have learnt, because of their emotions. The ones that will succeed will see their imperfections and get around them. I got the feeling that several people wanted to push themselves on the course, which is encouraging for me to see and I am sure, Sandy. You have to control yourself and Sandy explains you have to keep to a strategy once you decide to hit the button and put your money at risk. 

I like fibs, they give you a pillar to aim for (I guess that is charting though!!), so you know your strategy in advance. It is a map if you like and when Sandy sends through a newsletter that confirms my calculations, I feel relief that I am doing the right thing info, I know I am on the right track! 

What adds to the apprehension, is working on this at home alone. It is very lonely, but Sandy's support with newsletters makes you more part of something that is real and happening for other people too, whether you are stopped out or taking a good profit! 

If you think you are going to sign up for a course of blinding science that will convert 80 % trades into winners, then don't go to Sandy's courses!... I don't want to win 80% of trades just to lose more money in the remaining 20% I would rather stick with something and follow a winner in the game already and win maybe 20% and cut my losses and realise healthy profits! Personally I want to produce an income from this - it is not just a punt, which I think it ends up being for many people. They get bored and move onto the next thing. This feeling is your ENEMY! 

Good luck and if you want to be serious and absorb some knowledge that could put money in your pocket without any cheap hype, then go to Sandy's course. But don't expect a sales talk, just a grounded informative strategy. 

PS - After the weekend, I am stopped out of the Dow (Again), but after time analysis, was not so surprised! 

In a new trade Monday and up 200 points already, just for your sceptics!! 

Andy Harper
(December 11th 2004)


Dear Sandy,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday’s seminar, and once I have worked through all the new concepts you gave us I am sure we are on to a winner. 

I have tried many systems in the past and they all lost me money. In the last few months since your introductory seminar I have actually increased my capital base by approx: 25%(from a base low by yours and many others). So as you can imagine I feel we could be on the verge of great things.

Also I would like to join the chorus and hope that you keep the regular newsletters, for me they confirm my analysis is correct, or show me where I am going wrong! 

Please keep me up to date with any new developments. 

Many thanks 

John Shute
(December 11th 2004)


Hello Sandy

You have done it again. Like the previous workshop on Fibonacci system you have again given us a simple but fantastic tool for trading. What I like about both the workshop is your ability to deliver in a crisp and clear manner. The whole day was very absorbing and interesting. 

The Time analysis is a great supportive tool to Fibonacci Price analysis and I am sure all of us will benefit immensely as we did from the Fibonacci system. The day trading system is also excellent and I can hardly wait till tomorrow morning to try it. 

I very much appreciate your emphasis on Low Risk trading. 

In a nutshell you have given us a trading system which could be worth a fortune. 

Kindest regard to you and your family. 

(December 11th 2004)



I know you said you receive enough e-mails but I'm sure you wont mind this one.  

Thank you very much for the most enjoyable course so far. As you know, I have am a great fan of your 'system' and all of these extra techniques are just making it clearer and clearer.  

I have found that most people in connection with trading are secretive, evasive and reveal very little, however you seem to show a real passion to help others succeed are and share your knowledge. 

Kind Regards

Dean Elliott
(December 11th 2004)



I am new to the posting, but for what is worth, I have been on Sandy's most recent course and whilst I have yet to put real money on the table - I have found the system does work. What has been good is that with Sandy you are put straight that without your own work it will not fall into your lap. It is a basic simple message and being on his courses you do get a sense of whether you have your own discipline in place.

Experience is crucial but you cannot get it without putting in the work upfront to try and achieve the end goal.

Good luck...

Charles Gayle
(December 11th 2004)


I attended the December 11th seminar purely because the 1st one I attended in August was absolutely brilliant and no way in the world was I going to miss out on some great trading techniques. Oh I would just like to stress this was only the second time I met Sandy and the 1st being in the previous seminar. I kid you not this guy is a genius as he has so much patience and could pretty much teach anyone. 

I have no intention in disclosing what was taught in the seminar but all I can say if you really want to make some serious money then Sandy is your man. He explains everything with great simplicity that it becomes very easy to grasp the techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and now know that I have good tools to become successful. I know it will not happen overnight but with practice (of what I have learnt) it will be a matter of time. 

I would just like to thank Sandy for all his time, effort, patience and guidance onto the right track of trading. 

Kind Regards

Zaheer Hanif
(December 11th 2004)


Hello Sandy, 

Thank you for an excellent workshop on Saturday, I was very well pleased with all the information provided, I am at present reading over the notes.

It was indeed a pleasant, enjoyable and very informative day. I am relieved that you are going to continue with the newsletters as they are a very valuable source of information and act as great support in assisting me to trade in the right direction, it would be much more difficult to trade without this information. I would be very happy to pay a subscription to the newsletter if it would mean that I could continue to receive this information. 

Once again I would like to thank you for all your support and the personal attention you give to each person attending the course. I look forward to meeting with you again soon and to receiving future newsletters.

Kind regards 

Majella Vallely
(December 11th 2004)


Sandy Jadeja's Trading Seminar Dec 11

Excellent course, this was my second with Sandy, and followed on perfectly from the first Fibonacci course. This one started with a review of applying the strategies to the Dow for the year to date, showing both the successful and unsuccessful trades, which was useful to reinforce what we had learnt in the previous course. Time analysis was then used to show how to reinforce signals, and then this was followed by day trading and short term trading techniques.

It was good to meet other students, all of whom had been to his previous seminar, who had been successful applying his techniques to a range of markets such as Forex and commodities.

Sandy teaches you how to be an effective trader, without having to spend a fortune on software, by keeping things as simple as possible. I am always surprised how most of the great professional traders use simple set ups to great effect, and this is what is taught.

You can see Sandy on the free Finspreads seminars, which allow you to meet him and gives you a flavour of what is on his courses, as I did. It is worth remembering that it is in Finspreads interests for you to trade successfully, if you lose and stop trading they stop making money.

A pleasure to meet Sandy again, a very genuine guy doing an outstanding job who I can recommend without reservation.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Greg Armstead
(December 11th 2004)


Review of Seminar dated 11th December 2004.

I first met Sandy In Bristol at a Finspreads evening. He talked about trading strategies and mentioned he ran courses.  I was sceptical at first, however he seemed very honest and sincere, and I was keen to attend his course.  

I attended his course in July 2004.  I was simply impressed.  He is a excellent speaker and explains his methods clearly.   His methods are quite simple and yield very good results. 

As a result I more than jumped at the chance for a following up course teaching other methods based around the same system.  He went through a variety of methods including day trading and Fibonacci time analysis.

I would most certainly recommend both courses to anyone seriously interested in trading.  

Since trading with the methods that Sandy teaches, trading for me has become simpler, more fun, less stressful, more frequent and more profitable. 

(December 11th 2004)


Sandy's seminar review on 11th Dec

I attended Sandy's seminar yesterday. He taught us time analysis and day trading strategies after reviewing DJIA 2004.  

The time analysis was a fascinating subject. It was such a new concept for me and took me a while to understand the theory. However, Sandy was a good teacher , he taught this comprehensively. 

The day trading strategies were very interesting too. I will definitely look into that. 

I was glad to join the seminar because reading books on this subject is one thing but you can't absorb this  amount knowledge clearly and this fast from reading a book. 

I shall go through historical charts with this 'new found truth' and study it further. Hopefully, I can make these methods works for me. 

All in all, the seminar was definitely a good one to attend to. Very informative and educational. 

Recommended to fellow traders. 

(December 11th 2004)



Attending your course on Sat has cleared up many things for me. 

The review was very useful as it was much clearer on how your exit strategy worked. 

The fib time information, although I have found in bits and pieces elsewhere, it was useful to have it all in one place and see it practically applied as a 'time window' to INDU. 

The short term trading was a useful insight into successful day trading strategies used by professionals and is a very useful option to have.

The last bit, although may have been old hat to you, was a good reminder that some of the best techniques are old ones which may have been forgotten. 

Short diary since attending your first course: 

After some initial losses in July & August I decided to stop and study hard to find out what I was doing wrong. 

For 6 weeks, I recorded every single possible entry at all fib ratios and risk reward ratios, about 1000 entries. I then spent the next 6 weeks analysing those 1000 trades to find out what would work for me. One of the reasons why I've been so quiet. On hindsight, it was a good thing that I lost the money early on, otherwise I wouldn't have had the motivation to set up a system to do an in-depth study. 

Anyway, I'm now much clearer about what I need to do to trade successfully. 

Best regards

Alan Lam
(December 11th 2004)


Review of Sandy Jadeja's Short-Term Trading Workshop on 11th December 2004.

This course was a follow-up to Sandy's excellent Private Traders Workshop. It started with a review of some of the 2004 trading signals, clarifying the application of the methods taught on the previous workshop. 

The second part showed us Sandy's Fibonacci analysis applied to the time axis. This is quite fascinating, and should help with the analysis of the price axis learnt on the previous course. The final part covered day trading using Fibonacci and other methods. I have not tried day trading before, but this was a very clear description of some methods to use. All of the topics covered on the course were well illustrated with recent real-life examples, and, hopefully, they should be fairly easy to use. 

As well as the formal part of the course, I found it very useful to meet other people who have also been using Sandy' methods for a few months. My only criticism is of the presence of a flash photographer wandering about during the final half hour. A course photograph is one thing, but corporate publicity on this scale is very distracting on a training course. 

Overall, the course was up to Sandy's usual very high standard and I am looking forward to putting the ideas in to practice. I would highly recommend it for anybody who has done the Private Traders Workshop. 

David Berridge
(December 11th 2004)


Hi Sandy,

many thanks for the session yesterday. 

Very informative and enjoyable. I now feel confident about adding Time Analysis to my trading toolkit. 

I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year in Switzerland. For myself, I'm off stay in a 16th century cottage in Cornwall. It's got 2 log fires; the village has one shop ... and 3 pubs. That should do nicely. 

In fact, the cottage is kitted out with cable TV, including Bloomberg ... so I can do some work if I want to. (Very unlikely). 

Let's keep in touch. I look forward to another meal early in the New Year and maybe a friendly game of backgammon. 

Right, I'm now off to sort out trade2win for you. 

All the best. 


(December 11th 2004)


"I have now attended 2 of Sandy's training courses and thoroughly enjoyed them both. I have previously attended done 2 or 3 other courses and attended day long presentations incorporating various investment strategies and believe these 2 courses to be the best I have attended.  

Apart from Sandy's pleasant manner and ability to communicate effectively, what stands out is the focus on price action in his strategies and the avoidance of complex indicators.  

Sandy gives the individual some tools for trading in the markets but, as with most things in life worth having, the onus remains on the individual to put in the necessary work to be a success or not".  


Jason Morton
(December 11th 2004)


I was also grateful for the Saturday seminar, which was full of good things, and had been so well prepared.  I have been on the trail for at least six years now, and feel that at long last I have "touched base"! - that, in some real way, I have reached the heart of the matter.  Now there is only the need for persistence.  I must say, I think it's just great that you are prepared to share this knowledge. 

Meanwhile, thanks again for all your thoughtfulness. 

A Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 


Robin Unsworth
(December 11th 2004)


Hi Sandy,

 Just a quick note to say thank you for the course on Saturday. It was excellent. I am a newcomer to trading, but your courses have given me confidence in a system which when applied correctly will give good profits. You have inspired me! 


Gary Parker
(December 11th 2004)


Dear Sandy,

Thank you for the time and effort you put into yesterdays seminar, I enjoyed it very much.

As well as learning the new ways to trade I understood more clearly some of the strategies learnt on your seminar in September. I don’t think that day trading will suit me at the moment, I’m more like yourself overall, i.e. in the intermediate trading time span, I have just been concentrating on the Dow and have not altered or played with your strategy at all even though I have had four loosing trades on the bounce it hasn’t worried me in the slightest. I will just get on with it. 

Talking to some of the other students yesterday it was apparent that a lot of them were altering the way you have taught them, why I don’t know if it works for you then why alter it? 

Best wishes

(December 11th 2004)



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