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"An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't."

Anatole France
(1844 - 1924)



Course details

In the fast paced business of any trading activity, it can be difficult to find people and resources that take the time to help you. Understanding the potential profit opportunities as well as the risk involved in today’s markets can be a difficult task.

Our dedication to providing the best services and tools to our clients can assist them in becoming more successful traders and is the main driving force of our courses.

We have the knowledge and patience new traders need, accompanied with the experience. Our business' reputation is built on the premise that an educated trader should make better trades. 

We want to help you learn and become a successful trader.

                                   Course outline

Pattern Trading
Watch and learn how to easily find 10 simple patterns, which occur repeatedly in the markets for consistent high return profits. These are NOT your standard head & shoulders or cup and handle patterns.

Fibonacci Price Projections
Learn how to apply 4 powerful Fibonacci price projection techniques to forecast in advance very low risk turning points in the markets with a high degree of accuracy. 

Risk Management with Spread betting
Learn how to use spread betting for advanced money and risk management. Discover how even with small accounts you can take substantial positions with minimum risk.

You will also…

  Know which software to use at low cost to set yourself up to capture  these powerful trades.

  Learn how to quickly scan charts within seconds for potentials trade set-ups using a simple piece of software

  Get a list of 420 stock codes

  Learn how to deal with fear in trading and build confidence.

  Know how to simplify and automate your trading, by using the correct orders.

                What is the cost of this workshop?

        The cost of the Full 1 day private workshop is £785.00

Book before February 14th 2011 and pay only £595.00

    You will receive:

  Course material with examples covered on the day + more

  Ongoing personal support

  An automatic tool to calculate the BUY and SELL zones automatically

  A tool to calculate your exact trade size

Other courses are charging between £2000 - £4000, and provide you with overwhelming information along with encyclopaedia style course manuals which you will never use. 

This course is aimed at being Simple, Practical, Professional and Affordable.

Instead of overloading your mind with too much information, our aim is to teach you in a simple and enjoyable way so that you can trade with simple tools, minimum information, and by keeping your losses smaller and profits bigger.

                     Do not miss this workshop.
Click here to book your place now.


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