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"Gold is best found where it was found before."


Let them tell you...

The following testimonials are a definite recommended reading as you may find a similarity to your experiences. These are from actual clients, unedited and held on file. You will, as you read find a common theme from each person. Simple, Practical and Profitable.

We hope your name will be here next time you read this page and join our fellow traders.

Hi Sandy, 

I bought the dream of making millions at day trading. Spending hours in front of a computer chain smoking seemed a small price to pay for that new Ferrari. Reality was different! 

Dozens of books later and subscriptions to trading magazines left me in confusion. I decided as a "rookie" trader the only way I was going to get my foot in the door was to pay for a course. 

I attended every free seminar I could, and what a motley crew I met. Many I would rather cross over the road to avoid, and the fees they proposed to charge would buy a family car. Then I met you at a recent presentation you made on behalf of Finspreads. You were teaching, not selling, and demonstrated a commitment to it. What a refreshing change! I immediately signed up for your workshop. 

This is the best move I have made so far. By way of testimony let me relate a fellow students experience. He told the class he was attending because he was making losing trades. Over coffee he told me he had spent £5000,with an 'expert' who advertises extensively in the press! 

Well Sandy lets keep in touch.

Until then 'Be Lucky'. 

John Blanchard
(December 4th 2004)


Hello Sandy 

Many thanks for the excellent and very interesting workshop last Saturday. It was a real eye-opener and once you get comfortable with some of the basics you do start to see things jumping out from the charts. 

I'm really looking forward to getting some chart software put onto my laptop, as I spend a fair amount of time travelling, and getting stuck in. I will keep you posted on my progress. 

As you may remember I have been a trainer in another field for over twelve years and I was really impressed by your 'style' of training and your desire to make sure that people understood the basics. I'm sure that a lot of trainers could have taken the same topics and sent everyone to sleep within ten minutes! 

Thanks again for the day, it was excellent value for money. I look forward to keeping in touch and receiving your newsletters.

Best wishes

Roger Denman
(December 4th 2004)


Dear Sandy,

Just a short note of appreciation for all that you taught me on last Saturday's SignalPro - Private Traders Workshop. The venue and class size was perfect.  I am truly delighted with all the information you provided. 

Not only information on predicting market movements but when to enter and exit the markets. 

Plus, the need to be patient. (Very important for someone like me who tends to be impatient) Your Fibonacci adaptation to charting is absolutely amazing. 

I have spent the best part of today applying it to some historic charts with astonishing results. Now all I have to do is practise, practise, practise, before getting into the markets. 

Thanks again for your time and patience.


David Ready
(December 4th 2004)


Hi Sandy, 

Thank you so much for teaching us your trading methodology yesterday.

It was truly everything I was looking for and I now have real confidence to take this system out into the real world and apply it myself. 

I found out about your course through your "Tips from the Top" articles on the Finspreads website.  I thought what you said in those articles made real sense and I wanted to know more about Trading Plans, Risk/Reward and Entry and Exit points.  You provided all this for me and more.  I was inspired to take your course by your article "What do you need to get started in trading?" in which you talk about needing the right tools for trading.  On Saturday morning I did not have these tools, it is now Sunday and I firmly believe that I have and that is all thanks to you. 

Before I attended the course I spoke to you on the phone about whether this was the right course for me, this for one shows that you really care about your students and you also told me to read the book "Market Wizards" by Jack D. Schwager.  I duly did and what I learned was that whenever they mentioned the mistakes of a novice trader it was me they were talking about and I was only eight when it was written.  Everybody before they start trading should read that book and then everyone should take your course.  This is the first course I have taken like this and right now I think it will be the last because what else do I need to know?  I thought before the course that I was taking a risk attending but there was just no risk involved.  It is now up to me to earn the rewards. 

I did not want to say that this system is easy (even though you and I know that it is) because if you don't attend the course with an open mind and forget about what you have been taught or read before then the system will not work for you because your judgement will be clouded and you will struggle to believe what the methodology is telling you. 

Again, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. 

Kind regards, 

James Parkin
(December 4th 2004)


Sandy Jadeja's one day course taught us a few related strategies based on Fibonacci. 

Although we were clearly not a bunch of mathematicians, after familiarising ourselves with the techniques, I think we will all find this approach far less complicated than having to  study Company Reports, Market forces, MACDs. support, resistance, and endless types of charts etc.etc.  

The size of the group (about 24) enabled us to ask questions, and feel that we were treated as individuals.  If I ever make a fortune from trading, I think it will be from using this method. 

Margaret Boynton
(December 4th 2004)


Dear Sandy, 

Thank you for taking us through the simple but powerful method of trading using Price movements.  Before the course I kept wondering what you meant by trading with price movement ONLY without indicators and at the end of the day I was not at all disappointed.  I feel I now have all it takes to start trading successfully with confidence as I master the techniques over the next few weeks. 

Once again, thank you for introducing me to a new world of trading. 

Kind regards, 

Foluseke Sanyolu
(December 4th 2004)


Hi Sandy,

Just a quick note to thank you for the outstanding course on Saturday.  I am grateful and really appreciated your frankness and direct communication style, meaning no time was wasted.

Although the techniques taught were simple on their own, (my 12 year old son has just been studying Fibonacci at his very expensive school) the combination and key pointers you gave I believe make the combined package a very powerful trading strategy. My advice to future students on your course is that is it critical that you make your own full and comprehensive notes. Then after the course, work back through the book, and your notes in your own time.

Being a typical cynical "Brit" I spent yesterday back testing some of the concepts and on the correct chart (thanks for the 421 example stock codes included in the CD!) they are unbelievably accurate. During the course I felt quite frustrated at the lack of properly worked crystal clear "models" but when you work through an example afterwards on your own it re-enforces the whole days learning experience.

I have been investing using TA for 3 years now. I believe as a trader you should continually seek to improve yourself by making an investment in training and therefore improving and learning new strategies. I am so very pleased that I took time out to go along to the Finspreads afternoon session where I first met you.

You may have heard the saying "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life" If I can make these techniques work in the market I believe you may have fed my family and I for life. During the day you talked about a guy that came on your course this time last year and turned 2 k into 58k. I look forward to becoming your next example of a run away success in next December's course!!

Thanks again.
Best wishes

Peter Neal
(December 4th 2004)


Sandy Hi, 

Thank you very much for the excellent seminar on Saturday. It was truly fantastic.

It's clearly a eye opener for me. All these time I was kept away from trading because of technical jargons and myths of loosing money. As promised, you kept the whole concept very simple! And you gave a good attention to every body, answered all the questions and made sure we all understand the concept of your strategy. 

As a beginner, I find this course was very intensive. Despite your best efforts I misunderstood or missed certain bits of information (Time frames & Exit strategy). As you mentioned it will all become apparent when I put these into practice. 

I have opened a account with Finspreads, and joined their trading academy to understand some trading fundamentals. I understand the importance to have a trading plan and will spend my next few weeks on it. I am looking forward to consolidating what I have learnt this week end. 

Thanks again for giving me the direction and confidence to trade successfully and risk free!! 

I look forward to seeing you again at some stage and will update you my progress. 

Kind Regards

(December 4th 2004)


Dear Sandy,

Firstly you may not have known that I have a teaching background as a flying instructor before becoming an airline pilot.

This explains the style of my feedback below. Apologies if it feels a bit impersonal. 

My expectations from the course were high. After meeting you at the free Finspreads seminar I felt comfortable that I would probably benefit from your course. This was because you mentioned that your methodology used Fibonacci pricing. Of all the systems I like the most it is Fibonacci. An encouraging start. Then I sensed that although you said everyone’s personalities were different and many simply would not like your system, I am one of the rest who definitely relates to your personality. This was the process that led me to book your workshop. 

When I turned up I was pleased to see the class size at 22, although I would not have wanted to see it any bigger. I was also happy to hear you state near the beginning that if any of us were not happy potentially to lose more trades than win but be net up then this course was not for us. You rightly established correct psychology as being vital from the start. 

Moving onto the meat of the course, your clarity of explanation was excellent. The step by step build-up was well paced. The exercises were beneficial and important to help reinforce the mechanics. I'm not sure that you gave a complete answer to the class as a whole for exercise 3. I got the feeling some had not correctly worked out the four levels and you moved on without a complete explanation or rather did not give sufficient time to ensure everyone was up to speed. Please correct me if I am wrong.

 The killer line you delivered about the price relationship to the Fib levels turned on some lights in the room! The only criticism was that through no fault of your own we got behind for whatever reason and I felt that the latter stages of the course got rushed. This should have been the time for real consolidation of the system with more complete exercises.

 Notwithstanding the points above, I rate your course as excellent for it's simplicity and clarity. Your inclusion of money management and RRR as essential to the trade decision making process completed the picture nicely and gave a clear process that needs to be strictly followed in order to succeed. 

Your frankness is essential and you should not apologise for it. Lunch was great and your tea breaks timely. I would recommend the course to anyone provided they were prepared to ignore all other tools at their disposal and be prepared to follow your system exclusively. Pretty obvious really but because of its simplicity I can see how there might be a temptation to try to improve it. 

Over the weekend I made use of the charts near the back of the manual to give me some practise examples to work with and try to develop the calculating drill and pattern recognition. I am confident that to get up to full speed will just take more practise and time (I am comparing myself to YOUR speed here as the benchmark). 

Many thanks for your time at the weekend. Your course was a real tonic. It has given me renewed focus to tackle the markets in a different way and I am of course determined to make the most of it. 

Best regards,

Joe Anthony
(December 4th 2004)


Dear Sandy,

Thank you for the excellent course yesterday. I have been on a number of others, but have to say yours was the best thought out and well presented of all of them. The way that you unfolded what we had to learn, whilst encouraging us to identify what we needed to think about was a powerful way of teaching a methodology, which I am sure will stay with people long after the course.

I am looking forward to consolidating what I have learnt yesterday, over the next week – the advanced patterns, for me, will need a bit more work, likewise a couple of other bits. The training notes will enable me to understand what I need to learn and I am pleased to know that I can contact you via email if I get really stuck.

I have come away from the seminar understanding what I need to do to progress with this methodology and how I am going to implement it. Other seminars, which I have been on, have left me floundering in an ocean of information, which could not be traded unless a considerable amount of time was spent developing a methodology.

You present your course in a clear, professional and confident manner. You come across as being credible and honest. I was pleased that you spent time towards the end going through theoretical trades that demonstrated that losses are part of a trader’s life, and that you showed persistence will win out. Other courses conveniently show trades (if they show any) that are textbook trades and perfect winners. You showed us the reality of trading your methodology which means that we learn to trade from a balanced perspective, without unrealistic expectations.

I look forward to seeing you again at some stage and will let you know how I have progressed in due course.

Kind regards,

Phillip Dixon
(October 30th 2004)


Dear Sandy,

Thank you very much for putting on the Private Traders Workshop.

I had been looking forward to the course for weeks and I was very excited in being able to spend whole day learning from you. I was not disappointed. The venue was excellent and so was the administration before, during and after the day.

One of the many good things about you is that you deliver exactly what you say you will.

The course was extremely well thought out and delivered enabling the concepts to be grasped with a reasonable amount of effort. I have reviewed the course notes over the weekend and they are excellent.

As a professional chartered accountant I have to attend quite a lot of courses to keep up to date. The cost of these is not cheap. I believe your course offers outstanding value for money.

Thanks to you I now feel as if I can adopt a much more professional approach to my trading including being able to identify low risk trading opportunities with target profits defined in advance. Thanks once again and I very much hope we can keep in touch.

Best wishes,

Paul Guilfoyle BA ACA
(October 30th 2004)



I wanted to write to you to express my thanks, for the excellent and very comprehensive course you ran last weekend.

I enjoyed the day very much and genuinely feel that it exceeded my expectations, in that I came away with an essentially simple but powerful methodology which is self-contained, reasonably easy to comprehend and applicable in all market conditions.

I felt that you clearly put a great deal of thought and effort into this course and the underlying trading strategy and it is clear that you do actively major on this system yourself which is very re-assuring. I have attended financial trading courses before but have always struggled to develop a coherent trading method from them --- not this time!

I shall spend time now absorbing the training materials and experiment during November with the method on a range of commodities with a view to live trading from December.

Once again, thanks for all your considerable effort and candour which has given me more confidence to proceed .

Kind regards

Keven Holton
(October 30th 2004)


Dear Sandy

Just a quick email to follow up on yesterday's (October 30th 2004) trading workshop. I had been looking forward to attending the workshop since meeting you at the Finspreads seminar earlier this month. I can certainly say that I was not disappointed with the experience.

As a novice trader, I had become convinced that the key to successful trading lay in using multiple indicators. You have completely changed that perception. The beauty of your method is its simplicity. It has changed forever the way I will look at charts - previously I had not been able to see the wood for the trees ! I had encountered the concept of Fibonacci numbers before but had been somewhat sceptical of them until yesterday.

The content of the course was comprehensive and structured in a logical and coherent manner - you have obviously put a great deal of thought and effort into it. What came across clearly was your enthusiasm and your desire to give us the benefit of your knowledge and experience.

At first, I struggled with the calculations and some of the concepts but after reviewing my notes today, it is becoming clearer. However, I think it would help if the course notes contained more narrative as I feel it would enhance the learning process.

I would not say that I am ready to begin trading this method, but I am convinced that with further application, I will be able to trade with confidence knowing that I have the whole trade planned out before I have even entered it.

So, once again, many thanks for the excellent workshop. It was probably the best investment I will ever make. It is not often that one can pinpoint life changing events, but I have a feeling that in time I will come to view this weekend as one of those moments. I shall keep you posted on my progress.

Best wishes

Paul Crossey
(October 30th 2004)


Dear Sandy,

just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your course on Saturday.

I hope you will be pleased to know that by looking at charts yesterday I managed to put away what I learned before (joining tops with tops and bottoms with bottoms, chart patterns, indicators and so on) and started looking at the charts from the point of view you taught me.

Amazingly enough I hadn't really worked out on Saturday how much more logical your approach is when compared to the traditional technical analysis, it was only when I sat down in my car and started driving home that everything seemed to start coming together. It was, in a way, enlightening.

Frank Boggio
(October 30th 2004)


Hi there Sandy,

Just want to drop you a quick email to show my appreciation for this weekend’s seminar.

If I had to type about all the good things that happened on Saturday, I will be here for days so I am just going to sum every thing up into one word BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

I appreciated every minute of your Saturday that you stood there building up the foundation of my future. I am only 22 years of age and I thank you for giving me a early start. This seminar to me is priceless, thank you very much for everything.

Please do add me to your mailing list, I will appreciate that too.

Thank you

Marc Carson
(October 30th 2004)


Hello Sandy,

I attended your October private trader’s workshop which I enjoyed greatly. The day itself was quite exhausting, but I found your method re-assuringly simple and clear (often the mark of good design and workable methods).

I have invested (long term holding) in UK/US shares since 1997 and whether by luck or design survived profitably, my curiosity however for short term "trading" finally got the better of me about 6 months ago.

Since then, I've read a string of books (some classics some not) on swing and short term trading. The result, I understood what I needed; entry/exit/stop points, risk/money management etc., but I didn't have a method or sufficient clarity which would allow me to commit cash.

Fortunately, I attended your free seminar with Finspreads and in turn the private trader’s workshop. I now feel I have a strategy to find opportunities, set entry points/stops/exit points, manage money and risk and most importantly an entry/exit strategy which successfully catches profitable price moves.

Since the seminar I have re-read the notes several times and back tested on a few of the stocks you suggest. My initial results have been very encouraging; I have found profitable price movements and agreement with your examples in the notes and the seminar.

However the more I test the more I am beginning to recognise the simple patterns you demonstrated, my intention is to back test further and hopefully soon start to trade.

I will let you know more once I begin trading.

All the best

Chris Richardson
(October 30th 2004)


Dear Sandy

I was very impressed with all aspects of the Private Traders Workshop I attended on Saturday. You demonstrated clearly and professionally skills and techniques, which I now aim to use, to become a better and more efficient trader.

The practical exercises were interesting and helped me to participate actively and fully in the course. Your methods of teaching and step by step guidelines were precise and structured.

Thank you for making the course so informative and enjoyable. I feel enthusiastic about looking for opportunities in the market and making more informed decisions.


Sue Chapman
(October 30th 2004)


Hello Sandy,

I would like to say how much I enjoyed the workshop on Saturday.

It was great to leave at the end of the day feeling that my expectations had been met and exceeded.

I arrived in the morning hoping that you would teach us a simple, logical tool along with some sound advice and I was not disappointed. Your teaching method of taking us step-by-step through the process at just the right speed was very effective.

I'm so glad I attended the workshop on Saturday and feel very excited that with a bit of experience, confidence and research, I can really make a go at trading in this way. To this end, I am looking forward to receiving your newsletters.

Thanks again and apologies for not saying so in person, but you had a lot of people speaking to you and I had to rush to catch my train!


Julie Morgan
(October 30th 2004)


Hi Sandy,

I attended your very comprehensive one-day workshop last Saturday and I would like to thank you for making it a very interesting and enjoyable day. After previously attending one of your half-day workshops on simple chart analysis, my expectations were high and I certainly was not disappointed.

I found that for a novice trader like myself a lot of ground was covered, but it was presented in a clear and logical manner. The methodology was simple in principle to comprehend; showing how the private trader can predict direction changes in the markets and take low risk, potentially profitable trades, without it overtaking their life.

I am off on holiday now but I am eager to practice and test the knowledge I have gained during this very enlightening day, as soon as I get back home.

I left the course feeling confident that I will be able to implement the methods that you taught us. I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks very much for a full and great day.


Geoff Beeby
(October 30th 2004)



Thanks for an enjoyable and educational day, if only I could say the same for London transport and the rail network!

The presentation and the manual were both clear and the information flow was logical and your enthusiasm for teaching is clear to see.

I think the techniques you taught us should serve me well; I just have to deal with the psychological issues of trading now, and maybe prove that an accountant can trade successfully!

I look forward to receiving your newsletters which I hope will further strengthen my understanding.

Thanks again

(October 30th 2004)


Hi Sandy

Many thanks for the excellent Training Day last weekend. It was a long day, but the structure of the course, taking one element at a time in sequence, and the hands-on calculation exercises greatly helped the learning process.

Slowly, over the course of the day, I began to 'get it'. The combination of simplicity and depth was exhilarating. I'm finding the manual is a really valuable resource, and working through it again now at home is helping me draw up a trading plan and develop the confidence to apply the trading method consistently and rigorously.

With kind regards

Westrow Cooper
(October 30th 2004)


Dear Sandy,

Greetings. Thank you for a splendid and informative seminar yesterday. I've attended more expensive seminars in the past- Manning, V.S, Fred Stafford's Gann, etc - but none came close to yours for content, delivery, focus, simplicity and practicality, not to mention the relaxed atmosphere.

You were able to demonstrate the importance of correct entry and exit strategies. I now know exactly where to enter and exit a trade with minimal risk. Diversification into different markets is for experienced traders, not novices. The missing pieces of the jigsaw have fallen into place for me.

I refrain from posting a review on T2W for at least 3 or 4 weeks because some people have criticised such early reviews as euphoric reaction. Most of the reviews you get will be positive; I know because I was there at the workshop and realise its value to me. Keep up the good work.

By the way, I have registered for a free seminar by Paritech to be held on 12 November in order to learn how to use the Metastock Personal software. I will most likely order the U.S data from them if there are special offers at the seminar.

Once again, thank you.


Jim Kujimiyo
(October 30th 2004)


Sandy, Hi and thank you very much! 

The course on Saturday was a real eye opener. I felt comfortable with the overall philosophy of Fibonacci numbers and their application to trade entry and exit. You have a very clear/concise style of delivery. It was a bit weird really, during the day I asked you some questions about the material content and you were forthcoming with answers, but now that I have reviewed the material, the answers seem bloody obvious. I hope you don't think I was being an idiot. 

I observed the class interaction throughout the training. You have to admit, the class was "buzzing" Yesterday was fun and I think we all forgot that we actually had a long day. I had a real sense of personal achievement when I woke up this morning (Sunday) reviewed the material and some outstanding issues went "click". 

Like I said, I have just reviewed what you have taught me and I am going to "virtual trade" for about a week before I get back into the saddle of live trading. I have a different outlook on trading now, I am clearer about how to enter and how to exit a trade. I am a fan of Fibonacci and will adopt the concept into my trading plans. It just makes sense! 

I wonder how much a similar course would cost with some of the other providers out there, probably between £1000 and £2000. I've had organisations email and write to me offering course for up to £5000, and generally they are offering me "dreams", I live in the real world! 

Sandy, thanks again, you'll have to keep me up to date with future training events AS PROMISED!  

Lenny Fraser
(October 30th 2004)


Dear Sandy,

It is a great pleasure to let you know that I greatly enjoyed the whole seminar. The prodidous effort you made to enlighten us on your trading methods will be appreciated by all the attendees.

I have had no previous experience of the Fibonacci Theory and your excellent presentation of charts has completely convinced me of its immense value as a trading tool. In addition the paper work you gave us to do was the cement required to enable us to put all these ideas together into practice.

No one could fail to have a clear understanding of your methods and  what is more to the point be able to use them. No time was wasted and my brain was bursting with all the info offered to us. 

You will be pleased to know that speaking to other would be traders as I left they all agreed with these sentiments.

I have been in my life to many lectures and symposia -yours ranks with the best,

Yours sincerely

David Rabbin
(October 30th 2004)


Hi Sandy, 

Sorry! You don’t want a 2500 word essay on the subject, what?  

Keep it simple, Sorry its got to be more complicated than that, No! Is that it? Yes folks that's it. Just what I’ve been looking for, a trading method with no interpretation to do, no fundamentals, just pure charts, with no pattern guessing, you know, is that a Head & Shoulders?, well it could be if the line was angled. Is that a double bottom, I think it is, No its not, Yes it is! 

Yes He did use patterns, 5 in all, but there is no question about these five, they are or they are not. Simple.  Then its do ABC and get Z. 

All information for the trade is given, size, entry, exit & stop, all calculated in the method. Just follow the rules. 

Now if I can follow these without any feeling and trying to modify, or make it better, Sandy has a winner, on top of which Sandy and his team always had time to help and make you feel at home. 

The best course I’ve been on. First time I’ve left a course and not felt something was missing, I had been given all the information I needed, and the cookies & cakes where great too. 

(October 30th 2004)


Dear Sandy, 

Once again thanks for a brilliant weekend. 

After watching tapes from Mr "S" for 2 years and attending a weekend workshop with Mr "H" over 10 years ago I still felt I was getting nowhere.

Guessing . . . rather than predicting.

I was at the point of giving up a hobby that I really enjoy. Thanks to you and your training Day, my enthusiasm for the Markets has returned.

I've finally met a mentor who really knows his stuff. And, more importantly, can pass it on to others. 

Thank you very, very much Sandy.

Your course was excellent. I loved your little stories.  They really made the point.

May others always have the benefit of your experience, Every good wish,

Paul Larkin
(October 30th 2004)



Bloody Brilliant!!! 

Darren Winters opens his seminar with the words:  ' Welcome to the best trading seminar in the world!'..........You should sue him under the Trade Description Act. 

The workshop was great. The information given was astounding, the delivery excellent and the after care support offered superb.  It is so nice to have precise guidelines to follow with real goals which are achievable, rather than ambiguous facts and figures and translucent objectives. 

Obviously I have to digest the information given and practise with it until I feel comfortable, but I am confident that very shortly I will be trading with a solid structure behind me and lots of profits ahead 

Many, Many Thanks, 

David Duffield
(October 30th 2004)


Dear Sandy 

Just woken up from a good nights sleep with my head still buzzing!

Due to work commitments and lack of suitable Train times, I had to leave home at 4am to attend your course, however at no time during the day did I feel tired, in fact quite the opposite. 

The best moment for me was when you showed us where to enter a trade. The class fell silent how could we have missed something so obvious, simple we didn't know how to get to this point until you showed us. 

Thanks for a great day. 

Bill Pratt
(October 30th 2004)


Dear Sandy, 

Just to say a big thank you for yesterday's course. I arrived home last night tired and quite drained but felt it was a very rewarding experience and am looking forward to putting what I have learnt into practice.

Your step by step approach yesterday really helped this previous non chartist of advanced years to grasp the principals and it will fundamentally change the way I trade e.g. exercising risk management, identifying potentially profitable trades with risk/reward scenarios and with clear entry and exit points. I also like your attitude to life which is in accord with mine. 

Once again many thanks.

Best regards, 

Phil Utteridge
(October 30th 2004)


Dear Sandy

An absolutely brilliant day.

Your method is so simple yet unbelievably accurate. I'm having a great time using charts of the Dow. 

Wishing every success to  you and the lucky few who train with you, 

Best wishes

Paul Larkin
(October 30th 2004)


Hi Sandy, 

Thank you for the training yesterday. I was very impressed, not only with the method and strategies that you teach to trade, but also the way that you teach. A pleasant environment to learn in. 

As a person who is a virgin to trading :-), I was a bit apprehensive about attending your course. The only things that I knew about trading prior to this have been from books that I have read (From the Pit to the PC, A Beginners Guide to Day Trading Online and The Principles of Profit) and research on the Internet.

However, although that I knew very little about trading, that didn't really matter. In actuality knowing very little most probably made it a lot easier for me. Your method and strategy is simple to learn and easy to apply. Eliminate the clutter and deal with the rest (A simple military strategy).

Again, thank you for yesterdays training and I'll let you know how I get on.

Kind Regards 

Michael Kameta
(October 30th 2004)


Dear Sandy,

I would like to thank you for the educational workshop yesterday.

Admittedly at the beginning I was slow on the uptake but as the day progressed I found it a lot easier to understand and it all began to slot into place. 

I have this morning been revising and hopefully now I will be able to see some progress in my trading techniques.  I will feel a lot more confident when I commence trading the markets again. 

Once again I would like to thank you and your staff for providing an excellent tutorial. 

Kind regards 

Andrew Windsor
(October 30th 2004)


Hi Sandy, 

I would like to thank you for your time and all your effort, you presented an excellent workshop.

Seeing the way you handle the entire problem of trading was very useful for me as I have been only paper trading so far.

Your knowledge made me look at the Market in a completely different way. Now the Market is less a mystery to me but a challenge.

I have heard of Fibonacci work before but I always thought of it as something very difficult to learn. I can honestly say that after attending the workshop I understand more about how Fibonacci works on different time frames and how they interact because the information was presented in a logical and simple to understand way. 

Thanks again for the great workshop. 

Kind Regards 

(October 30th 2004)



Many thanks for a most enjoyable day at your trading workshop. I honestly believe that you have a genuine desire to share your trading methods & successes with others.

I have spent today reviewing the course notes, and already my understanding of them is becoming easier. It has taken the guesswork out of opening & closing trades. The consistency & accuracy is astounding, and with a little more practice it has given me the confidence to start trading again.

I have just received your September newsletter, and judging by it’s content I look forward to receiving future ones when I resume trading.

Look forward to hearing from you

Kindest regards, 

Nigel Cawthorne


Hi Sandy!

Hope you are well.

I would like to just say THANK YOU for giving us your 100% at the seminar yesterday.

I have been to a couple of seminars and have always come out feeling overloaded with information which has left me confused and unable to decide which strategy to use etc.

I had been led to believe that I cannot trade unless I have the myriad of indicators available out there! Although I have got quite excited about the potential gains that could be made by "advanced" techniques of trading, I have never actually understood the concepts taught!

Your Spreadbetting seminar:

You have taught one method which you have personally researched and actually use to trade yourself.

You probably aren't aware Sandy, but the way in which you have taught this method, you have actually managed to eliminate all the "emotion" that comes into trading....for instance getting excited to see a chart which has just started showing an uptrend etc. What I mean is that I want to TRY and do the calculations first...before I think of anything else!..(very clever teaching by the way!).

Speaking of which....calculations! Yes! As you will be aware, I did struggle a little and am working on it now! But you know what; I know I am almost there!

I have just been used to being told that there is a software out there that will do it all for you...but I found that your advise was down to earth and I appreciate that.

It is obviously still early days to say how much money I make etc.....but I will keep you posted. I intend to start trading as soon as I am comfortable with what I know and I will contact you again and again!

Thank you very much for the Teas and a lovely lunch. I wish to honestly thank you and your colleagues who were also very warm and welcoming. Although I was the only female at the seminar, I thoroughly enjoyed it and know that this is it! I actually understood what was being taught and I am not confused as to which method to use!

Sandy, I would love to receive your newsletters. I would also like to use the data feed that you recommend for the Metastock, please advise.

On a personal note Sandy, you are a very humble person, it's a nice touch!

I wish you all the success and I when I finally write my book.......I will mention you in it!

Look forward to above info. and also please let me know when the next seminar is so that I can book Jitu on it, thanks.

Warmest regards,

Bakula Tanna. (Bank Officer)


Dear Sandy,

I have been interested in spread betting for some time and have endeavoured to learn various charting techniques.

Because I have an account with Finspreads it came to my attention that you taught these seminars from time to time and I contacted you to arrange to attend one in London.

You actually spent a great deal of time talking to me personally which was much appreciated and you advised me honestly with regard to knowledge and suitability for the course, you certainly weren't trying to take my money. I came along anyway and I have to say that I was very impressed with the method that you taught and the material that we came away with, but even better than that is your constant support since.

I have every intention of taking further instruction and I most definitely will want it to be from you.

Many thanks Sandy,

Christine Locker.


Dear Sandy,

I would like to pass on my thanks for the course that you led on Fib methology.

In the past I have attended several courses, to include the Goldline system, Goldbars and several others. In my opinion you have created a course that provides what the underlying short / medium term trader is looking for in their trading.

Yours is the only system that I have come across that allows you to calculate the entry and exit levels without the need for software and ambiguity.

The course content was comprehensive and focussed. I am still to go over the notes and will need to move forward slowly in testing the levels. Whilst I understand that you review 120 instruments, and filter, I suspect that this will take time to become second nature.

My only concern was the use of the closing levels within a 5 min time frame of the end of the US markets for entry and exit levels.

I should mention that I have a professional trading background experience having been an option floor trader in the late 1980's. I believe your course to meet its claims in terms of content and presentation. In terms of profitability I will have to wait and see.

Kind regards,

Leigh Stephens



This is the first time in my life I have sent anyone a “thanks for the good service” type message, but from the heart, thanks once more for the opportunity to learn from you.

I regret the fact that I didn’t learn to trade years ago, but either way, I decided in January this year that someone could make a good living trading, if they knew their art.

So far this year, I have probably spent about £500 on various books, a lot more on various courses, and always (and without fail) ended up thinking “yes, ok, your method obviously works for you, but I don’t see it”, usually because I found that authors (or people) seemed more intent on showing how smart they are, with complicated theories , chart lines and all the rest.

You may well have noticed that by the time lunch came around I was laughing to myself for most of the day and that was because it was as if someone had just put some money in the meter and the lights just came on!

Once it clicked I just couldn’t miss the information – just like you promised!

I’m not foolish enough to think that I’m now going to suddenly be a record breaking trader and make millions in two weeks, but without doubt, once I sit down and learn your system inside out, I KNOW I can be profitable, and I really do believe that in the long term, I now have a realistic chance of making a living trading.

This is the first time I have felt that.

I know you like proverbs, and the best way I can describe my thinking is the old proverb that says “Everything is simple – it is only the mind that complicates things” and I really do feel that applies here.

Once “the penny drops” I find your system simple and easy to work out, which is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Thanks again Sandy.

Best wishes

Mark McKaig. (Police Officer)


Dear Sandy

Thank you so much for your time and the fantastic workshop you gave, it was a real pleasure to meet and learn from you again. I thought you presented the workshop and came across during it as a genuine, sincere and a highly professional individual.

You are truly a very gifted and knowledgeable individual who has an exceptional talent.

After attending your course on Saturday I did not even return to the notes until yesterday (Tuesday) when I really spent a good few hours going over everything you had taught.

I tried out and practised fib levels on various random charts, my own charts and my various positions today. All I can say is WOW!!!!! everything seems to be slotting into place, I can actually understand and apply what you taught AND IT WORKS.

I know its early days but I am really buzzed, really excited and really juiced. I am....really enjoying this journey I am really getting to grips with it and am finding that if you just go with the flow and do not question but just apply fib, it actually works.

I originally asked HOW CAN IT BE THAT SIMPLE?, but then hey life's a mystery, just go with the flow.

Many thanks again,

Best wishes,

Mr Junaid Jan


Dear Sandy,

Many thanks for yesterday's excellent workshop - it was a really absorbing and enjoyable day.

I have always struggled to read charts effectively and have been very hit and miss (mainly miss) with my spreadbetting. After just the first hour of the workshop I was beginning to see things much more clearly, and by the end of the day spotting the patterns and the entry and exit points was starting to feel like second nature!

Your patient step-by-step approach, and asking us to repeatedly work through examples, made the calculations and charting much easier. It was fascinating to see how accurately the method matched the market movements time after time. I appreciated the sensible advice on risk management and knowing when to walk away from a trade, too. 

For the first time I can approach spreadbetting with the confidence of being able to read the charts. Now I just need to see if I can apply the method and trade successfully, and with so many real examples to refer back to, I am really looking forward to the challenge. 

Thanks also to your colleagues - it must have been a long day for them, but they kept smiling right to the end!

So thanks again for yesterday - I hope I'll have the chance to hear more from you in the future.

Best regards,

Tim Collard


Hi Sandy, 

Here’s some feedback for your website, if you want it... 

This was a fantastic seminar from which I emerged absolutely thrilled! I didn’t know quite what to expect before I arrived, and am also very suspicious of people who teach trading, but Sandy certainly came out on top.

The cost of the seminar was well worth paying. At last I’ve found someone who was teaching exactly what I was looking for – a sound methodology brilliantly distilled from all the gobbledy-gook the books give you, good money management techniques, excellent trading advice all blended together to provide a robust trading plan which should give the careful trader consistent returns over the long term in any market. His teaching style is excellent, carefully structured, and he actually does care to take the time and effort to make sure everyone understands all that is being taught. This seminar is suitable for beginner or professional trader alike. Well done Sandy! 

There you go, hope it’s useful, not too over the top! But I really do think you made a very good effort, and I for one am very pleased with your course.

I couldn’t believe you taught exactly what I was looking for, i.e. an emphasis on Technical Analysis and a methodology which was not too far out (like Channel Analysis (not Bollinger) for example), plus what seems to be a sound approach to obtaining consistent profits.

I started trading in 1987, caught by the ’87 crash, then came in and out of the markets many times over the years. Each time loosing a (smallish) pile, but because I love the markets, kept coming back.  I began with Edwards and Magee, agreeing with many of their principles and ideas – especially that which states that the price tells the complete story, I too am happy to ignore fundamental analysis. 

I have many, many trading books, and have tried many techniques and indicators, but the problem I’ve found (once the psychological war had been won), is that of finding good techniques which really do work over time, and which provide consistent profit, i.e. something reliable. I’m so frustrated with having tried so many of the ideas expressed in these books, only to find them not work well enough to make consistent returns. I know that markets are not exact science, there’s nothing anyone can tell me there, but reliability is the key, reliability which provides for trading with confidence. 

By the way, you mentioned that people in the UK don’t go on courses – I think that’s because we’re a cynical bunch, and not taken for a ride as easily as in other countries?! “Those that can do, those that can’t teach” – and I’m old and wise enough to know that story holds true.  But there are those who genuinely seem to be able to do both very well, and I think after meeting you, you seem to be one of them. I’d like to see your trading record as evidence though – like Gary Smith in his book ‘How I trade for a living’.

That would underline everything you teach. Anyhow, I’m not demanding that, it would just be nice! 

For me, as an apprentice trader, I’d love to continue learning more from you, and other successful traders, to guide me along.

Kind Regards

Gerard Nath


Dear Sandy,

This is just a short note to thank you for allowing me to attend your seminar on Saturday. The whole day was thoroughly illuminating and at the same time highly enjoyable.

Your step by step approach to teaching was logical and although apparently not appreciated by some (who impatiently wanted to know the end before the beginning, i.e. - "...and then you trade?"), most appropriate.

Another thing that I'd like to emphasise is that you are truly a gifted teacher and likable person. I say this without reservation and believe me, WOULDN'T if you didn't deserve it.

It may be trite, but the only thing now is for me to study and utilise the knowledge you imparted. Only time and my understanding will prove if it is profitable or not. I have every confidence that it will.

Lastly, feel free to use any of this as a testimonial, although surely you have enough of these things already?!

Best regards,

David Nisbet


Dear Sandy,

I have been trading part-time for about five years without making (or losing) very much money, and I am a bit cynical when somebody offers me an easy-to-use trading system.

However, I read some very good reviews of this course and decided to give it a try. I attended the workshop on 14th August 2004 and I am glad that I did. The course offers a complete trading system, covering selection, entry points, exit points, stop losses and position sizes, and it will certainly change the way that I trade.

The system requires a certain level of numeracy, and, in the beginning, quite a bit of work to spot likely trading opportunities. Hopefully, the time spent will reduce after a bit of practice. A familiarity with bar charts and going long or short is also an advantage, and I would not recommend this course for absolute beginners. I don't recommend the club sandwich for lunch for anybody on a low-fat diet.

My Scores: 

Teaching Ability  5/5

Seminar Content / Presentation  5/5

Support and Materials  5/5

Value for Money  5/5

Benefit to your Trading  5/5


David Berridge.


Hi Sandy,

I have just posted my review on the trade2win website under the i.d gecko23.

With regars to seminars, I have been to a few; Vince Stanzione, Optionetics, Darren Winters, FTS and I am also a member of Insight Support which is a home study course.

Your seminar was by far the best ,it is the only one I’ve been to whereby I feel that I can trade confidently using your teachings.

The trading system is very easy to operate, the stop losses are near the entry position so this limits losses. I was a member of Vince's service and on the Dow Jones he tells his students to place stops 400 to 500 pts away so a lot of money is at risk.

I also learned a great deal about the psychology needed to trade successfully which you talked about. For me the most important thing I learned was to stick to the system as it is with regards to entry, exit and stop losses.

Thank you.

Ayyaz Iqbal



I have now had time to evaluate the workshop and would make comments as follows:

Comments on your style and presentation will be dealt with elsewhere by many others suffice to say it say without question very professional, however with sincerity.

My desire for attending the course was to establish for myself whether I could become a trader, based on not having spent time in the city etc, because I have come to recognise that all things take time to master and the examples that you use in this, e.g. learning to drive a car - serve as valuable reminders.

The manner in which you deliver the early part of the workshop was particularly useful to me in that it helped to reinforce the humility of trading - your probing questions to the group about there trading experiences etc demonstrated reality and how the majority of people approach trading - i.e. without training/awareness etc.

However, it also pointed out that training whilst required, getting it suit your own style is the difficulty but most important aspect. To this end the style what you have explained I feel is suited to me, but the irony is that I do not have the confidence to think for myself, not in working out the scenarios but in accepting to trade using another persons methodology. (I refer to 'reminisces of a stock operator' and how Jesse Livermore once followed the style of a fellow cotton trader and managed to wipe himself out).

Can I ask you a question on this - if I begin to trade am I truly trading price applications, or am I using your methodology to trade? Or put another way when is it learning and when is it trading someone else's methodology?

Notwithstanding what I have said above, the area which I will and am confident in taking on board is risk management. This area of the workshop is excellent (if a little too short) and the risk techniques very simple and powerful. The entry and exit techniques/plan formation etc again will serve as a great help.

Kind Regards

Charles Gayle


Hi Sandy,

Thanks again for Saturday! I really enjoyed the course and found the techniques extremely enlightening and hopefully with lots of practice, invaluable.

I know you encouraged us to print the charts and do it manually which I will do, just don't have a printer at home and have been using TC2000 EOD for the last 6 months and find it quite good to use (cheap too).

I'm sending you the charts to have a look at, definitely not as buy or sell tips (ha-ha) but if you have any comments or criticism - if I am barking up the wrong tree, please feel free.

I have not yet posted a comment on T2W, actually having second thoughts about it after reading many of the threads regarding your course and the fib forum that trendie setup. As you said I find allot of it quite negative and I seem to get sucked into reading all these threads and wasting a huge amount of time. I have been a member of T2W for the past 6 months (pretty much when I decided to really get into trading). I came across the site after booking the Winters course some time back and was looking for reviews. I would never have done Winters course if I read the reviews first. Got sucked in to his free seminar like many others.

Anyway hope you are well! Thanks again for an enjoyable day on Saturday. I would like to be included on your mailing list as I am keen to learn as much as I can with my trading.

My fiancé even told me last night that she was going to change her hair style to look like a $ sign so I would take more notice of her. Guess that means I could be spending too much time on it according to some.

Have a good day! 

Adam Woolley


Dear Sandy,

I was doing quite well before attending Sandy's course. I was trading seasonals and made a fair bit trading the first trading day of the month and the day after American holidays etc. The reason why I joined Sandy's course was to have a better understanding of the markets and to tighten up my stop loss etc.

The course was very informative, small class size with personal attention on the day and after the course. The cost was good value to - trust me I know I have been on a Vince Stanzione course.

My hit rate now is about 70-80%. I only trade a few markets - the Dow, Crude Oil, gold. My capital varies but I trade several accounts. The smaller one, I started with £1500 and in 4 months, and using Sandy's method the account is now valued at £3500. I have to say that its worked well for me and suits my temperament.

I use live data - although you certainly don't need it. EOD is fine and when I learn not to be a trading junky I will be able to get away from my screen!

I use esignal - expensive but has great fib tools. There are cheaper set ups and Sandy will talk to you about these. As for preparation, there is very little on the web. I hope this helps. Contact Sandy direct - very helpful and you will be surprised by the response. 

Good luck

Mark Szolkowski


Hi Sandy,

I attended Sand'y's Fibonacci Workshop on the 26th June 2004 in London.The reasons I went on the seminar are:

Good reviews and I knew nothing about Fib ratios and wanted to learn about them.

I was struggling to find a suitable technical trend following strategy that I felt I was comfortable with. Especially as I have a small account size and didn't want to suffer large draw downs.

I had previously been on a Turtle Trading Seminar with 450 other people, hosted by VS and Russell Sands and paid five times the cost of Sandy's course only to learn that I didn't have the required capital to trade the Turtle system effectively. I also learnt afterwards that these guys don't even trade. I therefore felt that I needed to learn from somebody who actually does trade the method that he teaches.

The day kicked off about 9am with 18 people in the class.

Sandy started by explaining his background and the basis of his approach to trading. We spent the rest of morning leaning the basic Fibonacci methods and were given various exercises to work through to ensure that we grasped the concepts that Sandy was teaching.

Sandy made sure that we understood each concept before we moved on. If anybody had any problems with a concept he was more than willing to spend time with you to ensure that you understood.

The afternoon was spent going through risk management and advanced Fibonacci patterns. Numerous examples were provided and discussed. Sandy wasn't shy about answering questions from class members and actively encouraged this.

Overall I felt this course was good value for money and I now have an EOD system which I believe I can trade. Sandy advised us not to trade after the course until we had been over the concepts and course material and I have been spending the week doing this by working through real life charts.

I would recommend this course to anybody who wishes to trade a simple yet effective EOD system. 


Andrew Collet.

Dear Sandy and crew,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your associates for the very good training course that I attended on the 29th May 04.

Although this is a difficult subject to teach. I found the method of teaching to be very honest, sincere and as down to earth as possible. I have continued my studies since attending your course. And found, that I can now see things happening within the markets, that I never did not see or realized were happening before.

Once again thank you all.

Yours thankfully

Norman F. B


Hi Sandy,

Just to give you some feedback on the Private Traders Seminar that I attended in November 2003. Before I go into my views on the seminar, I would just like to thank you for the time you have given me since the seminar. You have been approachable and helpful, which for someone as busy as you are, is a rare thing.

As for the seminar, having been to a few in my time, I was very pleased with both the presentation and the flow from one concept to the next. You made sure that everyone understood each part before progressing to the next.

The method itself is very straightforward, meaning that people are more likely to go away from the seminar and actually use the principles that were taught. The only impediment to profitability would be whether or not discipline is exercised (as with most things).

I would recommend your one day seminar to anyone who wanted a simple, usable methodology for trading financial markets.


Sanjay Patel


Dear Sandy,

Firstly may I congratulate you on a very well run course and your outstanding hospitality. I find your style of teaching very easy to comprehend and even though it is a long day I feel that you covered all we need to learn in a very precise manner. Never did I feel that you moved on to the next section without everyone fully understanding what you wanted us to take on board.

Even though I attended the half day  Finspreads course I felt that after attending this course I would still be 'nervous' about entering the Markets with my own money and based on my previous experience in the Markets I was very unsure about what I was doing. I was convinced at one point there was a conspiracy against me by all the markets!!

However at 6.00 o'clock Saturday evening I stood up and felt extremely confident and full of enthusiasm regarding my future as a trader. I have spent Monday looking at charts, doing my calculations and preparing myself as you have shown us so I now know exactly when to enter the Market be it long or short and I have my exit strategy as well!!

If there is one thing I would urge anyone reading this to do straight away is write down a trading plan - simple or complex, I don't think it matters but you really need something to focus on when making your decisions. I have done a simple one for myself and it gives you an added confidence that you have a committed plan to work to rather than planning each trade as you go along.

I really look forward to meeting you again to follow up on my progress and to show you that I have (hopefully) grasped the essence of what you have shown me.

I hope we can keep in touch and once again 'Thank you ' so much for everything.

Warmest regards

Jeremy Peat


Hi Sandy,

If there is one thing that annoys me about some people out there that loudly promote their seminars as being the best thing since sliced bread, it's their remarkable ability to over-promise and under-deliver. (I know - I've been on a couple!).

However, with your particular ability to deliver the subject in a coherent understandable fashion, plus your obvious enthusiasm, the complete reverse is true. I found the whole day to be extremely informative; the small numbers allowed plenty of time for questions to be asked and answers to be discussed and the general atmosphere was open and friendly.

You did say that it may well take a few days for things to start clicking into place and that is exactly what has happened with me! I certainly feel more confident to start trading with real money rather than just on paper!

I Would I recommend your course? Without hesitation. Would I come on any further courses you may run? See answer above!

Thanks Sandy,

John Walter    


Dear Sandy,

It was an honour and a pleasure to meet you on Saturday.  We found your course to be most informative and superbly executed.  Your expert tuition has given us both the confidence to distance ourselves from the flock and to take a step back to avoid jumping the lights.

From the day, we can understand how you should be considered to be a trading guru and why the Markets respect you so highly. We wholeheartedly thank you and feel that we can at last get down to some real trading with the prospect of a bright future.

With our very best wishes and kindest regards.

Nicholas & Charlotte MacKay


Dear Sandy,

Thank you for an interesting seminar, outlining Fibonacci techniques combined with other principles, to enable relative newcomers to trade a range of markets safely and sensibly.

There was a refreshing avoidance of extravagant success claims or recommendations to spend lavishly on software and other aids and, whilst there is vastly more to be said on trading generally, of which you are far more aware than I am, the day sensibly focused on providing just one simple and practical method which a pupil could grasp, go out and apply effectively straight away.

I’m sure that any newcomer, and many experienced amateurs, would avoid serious losses, enjoy modest gains and gain confidence as well as save the seminar fee many times over, merely from adhering to your systematic and disciplined approach.  Private traders stand to gain enormously from the accumulated wisdom of an experienced professional, particularly one who helps patiently with our endless naïve questions, as you did.

Some of the most valuable points came late in the day, sometimes as passing comments only, perhaps due to late-running caused by questioners, and that could be addressed with maybe some time being switched from e.g. the mechanics of ratio derivation and examples of the simplest cases of Fib applications to instead “dinging-into” our amateur heads the need to trade selectively only, use stops aggressively to get best entry, and always to keep to (1) a methodology (2) a trading plan (3) rules within the plan (4) back-testing any method in a particular market before use and (5) strict money management at all times.  It seems that these are the main amateur failings – mine are certainly among them!

Thanks again,

Best wishes,

Paul Brooks


Dear Sandy,

I attended your seminar yesterday as a beginner to the world of trading and spread betting. I left 9 hours later feeling excited and keen to begin trading.

At the time there seemed to be a lot of information to take in but as the day progressed and I was later able to think about what I had learned it became clear that your method is simple and seemingly effective.

I will be going through the manual provided over the next few days and am looking forward to placing my 1st trade, although I anticipate I may have a couple of questions on some points I am not 100% sure about before I take that step!

Thank you for a stimulating and interesting day.


Phillip Walker


Dear Sandy,

I had a very good day and enjoyed it immensely.  Eager to get started on the unique system which you taught us although I do realise at least for me personally I need a lot of practice to become quick at it. I have been going over and over the handbook which you gave us this morning and will keep on until I feel quick and confident enough to trade. My mind won't be on much else now; I really have got my teeth into this.

In case you want to put this on your web site I would add that I have been on another charting course run by a very well known stockbroker and some two years ago it was more expensive than yours and today it is being advertised at almost a thousand pounds.

More importantly I found a lot more substance in your course and found the Leonardo Fibonacci system  (which you explained in absolute detail) brilliant and fascinating. I was shown a Fibonacci chart on the the previous mentioned course along with many other different charts but nothing of his method and explaining was given on that course. 

Although then again in fairness each has there own system. But from that course there was no follow up for us students like you offer which I think will be a godsend. For me personally I would have liked more practice and example pages in the manual, but that is my only criticism. However on a lighter note I am past retirement age and I daresay many of the (YOUNGSTERS) in the class are sharper and quicker than myself.

With Best Wishes.

Brenda Brincat 


Dear Sandy,

I enrolled for your course in order to trade confidently and knowledgeably, I do have a small account with CMC spread betting but the account was not progressing as I did not have the tools to make it work.

I learned about you and the trading course being offered while browsing on the internet on T2W's web site, the reviews were excellent and I therefore decided this was the course for me.

Not knowing what to expect on the day, I prepared by emptying my mind of what views and or ideas I had previously held about trading in order to learn from scratch. Needless to say nobody on the course was disappointed; it was a life changing concept with regards to trading without the Hi-tec props / indicators.  Trading at it's simplest and effectiveness providing the rules are adhered to.

I was exposed to a trading concept and rules that I did not know existed, which is exactly what I needed and will form the basis of my trading strategy, as the course demonstrated in real life that it works. Being able to visually recognise a good trading pattern and make a few calculations for entry / risk is perfect.

Thank you for a most enjoyable day I will always remember, it was worth the wait and the cost is extremely good value.

Best regards

Ron Gallimore

Hi, Sandy,

This is a follow up email to let you know how I found the course:

Firstly I was pleased with the layout and personal space of the desks, I think to be facing you is so much more comfortable than having to sit with my neck turned sideways.

I was impressed with the generous bottle of water on my desk, This was already more than my expectation.


The concept of your trading methodologies was simple, in that Fibonacci was the only concept we had to use in order to trade with, rather than having to use RSI with Stochastics, with moving averages, and watching for volume spikes, etc....

I personally want to keep my life as simple as I can, and as I intend to make trading an integral part of my life (as my source of income) it takes a lot of stress out of the business.

To be honest I was not able to absorb everything you taught on Saturday, however, I believe it is a matter of practice, and going over the material as many times as it takes for me,  until the concepts  become as clear as water in a glass.

I am a little worried that I might forget 1 or 2 things, but I will let you know, if I do.


I have to say that you are a person of high qualities., there are not many people like yourself who genuinely don't want to see people making their lives a mess, ( in trading).

I think that the real life things that you have seen, either when travelling or just being around other people, and how you shared them with the group really made me realise that you want to give more than just some trading techniques to us people.

I really believe that you are more than just a trading professional that just teaches people to make money.

Some professional traders do come across as philosophical, as I think you do, and these traders are also successful, but people such as DW and VS are not genuinely concerned with the likes of their students unless you have paid £000's of pounds. This I am grateful to you for.

I will be reading through my folder within a day or so, and must make the effort to apply what I have learned. Other wise I am wasting my time writing this now!

If I have any issues I shall let you know.

Take care,

Rohan Singh


Dear Sandy,

Thank you very much for the Spreadbetting workshop you ran on Saturday 29th may.

When I retuned home I could not wait to get to grips with the new concepts. But as you suggested I will not attempt trading until I become very familiar with the system. With the unnecessary 'clutter' removed you made it very clear and easily understandable.

Also the individual help during the day kept us all working at the same level. I am looking forward to the day trading course later in the year!

Many thanks,

John Shute


Dear Sandy,

To begin with, I should give you credit for the course. It is important for anyone who wants to play the market to have adequate knowledge. Your course will offer hope to a lot of laymen and women around.

The course is about Technical Analysis. Unfortunately for me, I hate graphs and technical things associated with it. While I appreciate what you taught on the course, I will still need to meet up with you for about 30 minutes so as to "knot the bolts". I only do Wall Street, and I would like to narrow your course to this trade only, hence my interest in meeting with you.

Funnily, I listened to one Tom Huggard of City Index on Bloomberg on Monday the 31st. He spoke about your formula.

I have introduced two clients to you already, as I feel that they will benefit from your course.

Thank you and bye for now.

Solomon-Soul Farinto


Hi Sandy,

Excellent seminar.  Having been to quite a few seminars over the years from famous names, found Sandy's presentation to be up with the best.

Must be very tempting to leap into the trading system, but Sandy took care to get across a realistic picture of trading and survival through money management.  The use of Fibonacci ratios was well presented leading to a simple trading system with well defined entry and exit criteria.

Very impressed with the simplest of methods to calculate reward/risk ratios.  Having been trading for twenty years using fundamental and technical analysis, spending thousands on software and having a library of investment texts my advice would be to save your money and take this course which shows you how to make money and still have a life.

Thanks again

Greg Armstead 


Hi Sandy,

Just to say thank you very much for a really great day at the September workshop in London.

Over the last few years I have attended numerous seminars/courses (some at considerable cost), and I have probably nearly exhausted the supply of software and automatic 'black boxes' complete with bells and whistles!

I really wish I could have 'seen the light at one of your presentations a few years ago. The day was presented with simplicity and logic, yet very effectively. I know that everybody came away feeling that, with a little practise, they could finally actually ENJOY trading with the enormous added benefit of making a healthy profit.

It is also reassuring to know that you are happy to offer support in the event of any queries.

Once again, many thanks.

Best wishes,

Phil Wingate


Dear Sandy,

Thank you very much for the course which I found most enjoyable. Even though it was a long day it seemed to pass very quickly. I am pleased that the strategy was without indicators and focussed on price and non standard price patterns.

Previously I have been bogged down by too many indicators and already decided, after considerable time spent on learning and testing these, that in many cases they lag too much and duplicate each other. Your method offers an alternative approach.

I will spend the coming days reviewing the day's contents and trust I can revert with the inevitable questions I will have.


Jason Morton


Hi  Sandy,

just to drop you a line  to let you know that you really are changing my life with this amazing trading system. I feel that I have  a money  printing machine if we obey the trading rules , it is far the best seminar  I did and is  good value for money and very easy to learn.  I can't compare this to the other seminars , and for the thousands of pounds  I paid for nothing, this is the best system I have come across so far and I don't care about another.

Well-done Sandy keep up the good work, and the reports you send to all of us is very educational I consider those reports pure Gold.


Gilberto Camacho


Hi Sandy,

The Signal Pro course was excellent in providing a clear technical system for defining when to enter the market and limiting your risk.

The step by step nature of the course and the simplicity of the system meant it was easy to grasp even for someone with only an average understanding of trading.

Sandy is a brilliant teacher, very patient and happy to deal with questions, there were plenty of real life examples of trades. What makes this course really great is the after-course support in the form of real life lessons that you can apply your learning’s to.

Best wishes,

James Davis


Hi Sandy,

Sandy’s one day workshop is taught at a very steady pace.

I found Sandy’s teaching methods to be intuitive and found him to be a great support after the course had completed.

The workshop gave me confidence to trade decisively and constructively upon entering and exiting a trade.

Thanks again Sandy for a truly unique educational day in trading that has simplified all those courses that leave you confused and thinking why you spent money on a course that amounted to nothing!




Dear Sandy,

I arrived for the course sceptical of the merits of charts for trading purposes. I left the course convinced that they had a real value.

I found the seminar well structured and whilst we had a full program to cover in the day any question raised was carefully answered and excellent course notes meant the students could concentrate on the speaker and the visuals used.

An excellent course and I would recommend it to any aspiring or established trader.

Have a relaxing Easter.

Kind regards

Terry Clooney



Here is a brief account of my experience.

I found the workshop very very useful. The techniques taught was should I say ....too good to be true and in all honesty I DID NOT practice what I was taught but I was to learn the hard way that "No one is bigger than  the markets". The markets have no mercy for the foolish (i.e. those who have no trading plans and no discipline to follow their plans).

It takes an enormous amount of discipline to stick to your own rules. I have since started from scratch  going back to my course notes and reading over and over again to understand some of the areas I didn't not fully understand and I have done a lot of paper trading and now I am back in the markets (still waiting for my first profits though).

I am religiously following my own rules and plan (calculate fib ratio, wait for signal and take the trade). I find the weekly or frequent bulletins very very useful, it still amazes me how looking back on them (the bulletins) one would have been very profitable. I think the Fibonacci method is extremely good because it discounts all other information I.e. fundamentals ..

I will shout out with delight when I hit my first home run .....

Like one of the market wizards said ...Having stops in place means that you go in as many times as possible rather than getting cleaned out at in one go.

Interesting books to read "WHEN GENIUS FAILED. The Rise and fall of long term capital management by Roger Lowenstein.

Once again Thanks.




Sandy's seminar is extremely useful for those who want to find out quickly and clearly what is important and what is not so important.

It is a great alternative to ploughing through books and courses (if and when you have the time) and still having to work it all out for yourself, with your own money on the line.

Sandy has a clear and uncomplicated approach to teaching and took the time to explain each of his 8 or so set-ups, work through examples and answer all questions from the floor.  He also touched on other strategies and approaches, common mistakes and experiences he has had with various software.

Altogether, a very useful day and very good value for money.

Gary B. (RO - Bucharest)


Dear Sandy,

Can I take this opportunity to thank you first for accepting me on the course at short notice.

In terms of the course content, I found the course informative.  The way that it was presented was clear and concise making it easy to follow.  It kept me interested from start to finish.  It was obvious that the structure has been carefully put together.  I say this because at the start, I had many questions, but as the day went on; my questions were being automatically answered through the information presented. 

Keep in touch!




Like to say thank you, for what was an informative and enjoyable day... I think the material is superb and has the potential to change one's future based on successful trading using the methodology taught.

Best wishes,

Stephen Royle



Thanks for the excellent day which I attended on Saturday 26th June.

By the end of the day my head was full and I thought that I would find it difficult to remember, however I have returned to the course manual and everything is now slotting into place.

As you advised I am not going to do any trades immediately, but set myself up properly and put my business plan together.

I currently run a separate full time business so end of day trading would suit me, but my dream is to possibly make a living from trading eventually.(early days yet).

It is great that I am already reading charts and recognising the patterns taught on the day, my confidence is high and I think that I have an advantage because I have not attended any other courses therefore by sticking to the rules you taught there will be no other influences to distract me from the plan.

Thanks once again Sandy.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Gary McKinley


hi ya sandy..bal here... 

I have just written small review at trade2 win...this what I have written.

I am very pleased with the outcome of this course.... coming with an open mind, my main goal was to learn a step by step technique that I can apply to the markets. 

My goal has been met and I feel confident Sandy's teaching, has increased the odds in my favour to become a much better trader. Sandy's down to earth guy. I also liked the fact how he comes round to each person to make sure you have understood the material. I definitely give Sandy's course a thumps up.



Dear Sandy,

Thank you for an excellent, and well organised seminar on Saturday.  It is difficult to overestimate the importance of what was taught - the predictability of Price!  then a dead simple method of money management which I wish I'd known years ago!  Quite simply, a day well spent.  (Actually, for me, a weekend!).

The Venue was great, the food was good, and the air-conditioning on that very close day was just terrific, and made it possible to concentrate.

Add to this your enthusiasm, and I think there wasn't much more you could have given! 

Thank you very much. 

Best Wishes,

Robin Unsworth


Hello Sandy,

I would like to thank you again for the gain of knowledge you have transmitted, today I look at the charts with a very different eye and I am completely amazed by the effectiveness of this strategy when I look at past charts.

Many thanks

Alexandre Azzola


 Dear Sandy,

Just a note to thank you for a very enjoyable day on Saturday.  It was nice to attend a trading course without hype.

Your methodology was clearly explained and just the sort of low risk system I have been looking for.  It will take me a little time to absorb everything I learned and make the knowledge my own but I am sure that in a few weeks time I will be trading the method successfully. 

I will keep you in touch with my progress and look forward to receiving your newsletters.




Hi Sandy,

I was on your August workshop in London which I found very interesting and you made it seem very easy.  Despite struggling with the calculations on the day, I was sure I would be able to crack it.

After your first newsletter I started to feel a little more confident, after your second newsletter, I think the penny dropped!  I hope I can now convert this into some good trading.

Will let you know how I am getting on.


Robert Drewett


Dear Sandy,

The reason I came onto your course was to be taught a method that would help me concentrate on price action and take the emotional side out of trading. This has been accomplished.

Your method from Fibonacci techniques, entry points, exit points and stop losses is very specific. There should be no second guessing of the market and makes trading much more enjoyable. I just wish I had found out about your course a lot sooner

As I told you I am a member of T2W and I intend to write a seminar review ( if they let me) and even talk to a few of the negative traders on the board as I feel the criticism is not warranted.

On the course you mentioned having a seminar with a top trader in July.

PLEASE make sure you let me know what dates have been finalized as I have no intention of missing it. 

Finally keep up the good work and please stay in touch.



Sandy's teaching methods are unique in that he really does keep things simple, and has certainly put both the fun and profitability back into my trading.  I have been to many seminars before where blinding with science was the order of the day, and you would come away feeling no more knowledgeable than you were when you went in.  

What I particularly liked about this course was that the techniques were very simple to both learn and apply, so you can hit the ground running when you leave the classroom.  

Sandy has a very easygoing yet thorough approach to teaching, and I don't think I can say that there are many tutors out there who will respond to emails or hold a 1:1 tutorial with their pupils to answer any post-course questions - Sandy does, and I think that is just great!  Keep up the good work! 

Best Regards,

Alastair Sharp


Hi sandy,

Once again thank you for letting me attend your course at such short notice.

During the course it became clear that one or two of us were at an advantage having attended your finspreads course, for me, this made the afternoon session easier to understand when some people in the room were struggling with the basics.

The content of the course was clear and easy to understand, and your methods are gradually bringing confidence back into my trading; especially now I have a trading plan which is written down and can't be fudged. Many useful tips and hints were given throughout the course which should help and prepare me for most eventualities.

Having back tested a few markets your system seems accurate, selective and low risk, all of which have eluded my trading to date. Once I have traded this method for a couple of months I will get back in touch and let you know the results. 

Please let me know of any future courses or events.

Kind Regards

Dean Elliott


Hi Sandy,

Thanks for the opportunity of allowing me on the workshop. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple the course content was and commend the ease and "from the heart" way in which the material was delivered.

The pace was manageable, even though I did get lost along the lines during the day. This has however been addressed by following your advice to go home and go through the notes again. 

I quite liked the fact that we got the workshop cd to take away as well, the examples covered the basics of what was taught on the day. All of the above combined with comfortable surroundings made the day well worth every penny spent and more. 

Frankly I feel very privileged to have attended and look forward to putting all I have learnt into practise in the very near future.

Thank you Sandy for all your help. 




Anyone who is looking for pin point trading signals should join Sandy’s Fibonacci workshop. This is an excellent course on trading. He focuses on one specific system and presents it in a very lucid manner for everyone to understand. He covers all essential aspects that one needs to start trading – markets to trade, chart patterns to look for, signals to enter and exit and crucially important Risk and Money management. Sandy’s genuine interest in the delegates does not end with the workshop. Since the end of the course Sandy has followed it up with worked out charts and his views on the current markets every week. His reviews using Fibonacci lines on charts sheds light on market moves that otherwise may seem erratic. 

Sandy’s course is superb. At the end of the day, one can come out with great satisfaction and confidence and  I believe even a beginner can start trading within weeks provided he has the necessary tools for charting.

Dwijen Borah



Hi Sandy, this is Eytan...

Thank you for the day trading on Saturday ,that  was a real eye opener for me, I have been trading for about 2 years now and this is the first time I came a cross a simple system that is actually works…

Thanks again.

Eytan Yaron

Hello Sandy,

Just to say thank you for the workshop on Saturday.  It really was an
excellent day, which I enjoyed very much.  Your teaching style was
relaxed and friendly; you also showed a genuine interest in each
participant and afforded plenty of time to speak to each one, answering
any questions.

You displayed patience and understanding whilst presenting the course
ensuring that each person was happy and understood the Fibonacci
patterns and methods been taught.  The methods taught were simple and
easy to use, without the need for lots of contradictory indicators.  You
also explained entry and exit points in a very logical way.  (This had
always been a problem for me when trading).  The course notes are very
simple and easy to follow containing just the necessary information, and
not too much which can sometimes lead to more confusion.  The CD
provided is also extremely useful.

I have been very excited since attending the workshop and have regained
my interest in the markets as everything makes more sense now.  I would
certainly recommend this course to others interested in trading, and
also to anyone disappointed by other courses.  The cost of this course
(£485) is very reasonable in view of methods taught and information
received.  I have attended other more expensive courses and have come
away with too much superficial information, and too many indicators but
still not knowing how or when to trade.

I believe this workshop will be of great benefit to my future trading,
also the ongoing support offered by e-mail will be invaluable, and will
enable me to ask for help or advice when needed.  I would be very
interested in attending any other courses offered.

Kind regards

Majella Vallely


Hi Sandy

Just a quick line to say thanks very much for the spread trading seminar this Saturday (27/03/04). 

As a newcomer to spread trading I found the one day course really informative and interesting, and the relaxed style of delivery made it readily digestible and enjoyable. 

One thing which came across is your genuine enthusiasm for trading and also the desire to impart your years of knowledge to us would-be traders!  I also think your 'keep it simple' approach is to be applauded when it can be so tempting to use every type of indicator under the sun which I think only serves to confuse rather than to illuminate!  Simple is good in my book!

One area I have found quite difficult in my limited trading is that I am experiencing what I believe is called 'the freeze' when I have to place a trade and can't.  I think the information regarding entry points will help improve my confidence and go a long way to help overcome this.  Mind you, I still have to click that mouse button!  The other really useful part is judging how long to keep in the trade, i.e. maximise the profits, and not get out too soon. 

All in all a very good day. 

In addition to receiving your 'newsletters', one thing I would appreciate is can you suggest a couple more useful books to read - I've already read the New Market Wizards and Reminiscences of a Stock Operator which were both very good.

Thanks again.


Rob Tootell 


Dear Sandy,

First of all, I would like to thank you  for the excellent Seminar yesterday.

It was "one of the best" seminars I had  attended.

The Seminar, conducted by yourself in a friendly and professional way, was educative and rewarding. I hope to become a better trader and investor with the new skills and techniques acquired.

Wishing you all the Best. Thanks again.

Kind regards.

Peter Lau


Hi Sandy

Yes, thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish it could have gone on longer. It's a bit like the analogy of the last Rolo; when you've just had your last Rolo you wish you'd have ate the packet more slowly. 

Thanks very much Sandy, it was a well spent day out. And thanks for squeezing me in at the last minute. 

Best regards for now. 

Mike Mundell


Dear Sandy,

I read the reviews of your seminar on "trade to win" and decided to take the plunge. 

Having now completed the seminar, I can confidently say that it was money well spent. Your course was what you said it would be. Simple, thorough and well delivered. The only criticism I have is the print size of some of the pages of the course material. Having come to know you, I am sure you will have taken care of that by the next seminar. 

I have yet to start trading. But I am now confident  and looking forward to the action. The journey has just begun. Please keep in touch.

And thank you



Hi Sandy,

I enjoyed the seminar tremendously.  For me it was an education to meet other people involved in the markets and to discover the diversity of everyone's backgrounds.

The venue was ideal given that I only live 30 minutes away though for anyone outside London it would still be pretty easy to get to.  The presentation material and reference guide were spot-on and I annotated them as the course progressed. 

I have read through the notes again and this week I'm planning to put the theories into practice with some real-money trades!  I will continue to use the goldline system with my other spread bet account but will greatly reduce the stakes.  I'm highly optimistic that your methods will yield better results in the very near future.  I will let you know how I progress!  I view trading as a hobby and something of an interesting diversion to my 'day job'!  Making profits adds to the interest!! 

Thanks Sandy for your time and effort and I can see that you are a man dedicated to your trade (no pun intended!), and someone who is genuinely keen to pass on your knowledge and experience to others.  This was not a sales-pitch day aimed at selling other products - it was solely about your trading methods.  The only references to software and products were those designed to help automate and augment your methods. 

I'll keep you posted on my trading progress - thanks again! 

Best regards

Rob Nightingale

Dear Sandy,

I thoroughly enjoyed the day with you and the other students on Saturday.When you consider my 30 years trading the markets, I still managed to learn something from you!

I thought your approach to the markets was easy to understand and your honesty shone through!


Ralph Harland (Liffe Trader)


Dear Sandy,

Many thanks for the great workshop on Saturday - here are my initial thoughts about the day.  I am working through the course material again, and hope to send some further comments and suggestions in a few days' time. 

"About eight months ago I made it my top priority to learn how to generate an income from trading on the financial markets.  Since then, I have attended 13 seminars, studied 70 books and bought nine "secrets of trading".It looked like it would take years to test all the methods to find out which ones worked. 

To cut through all this, I determined to go for something that was simple and focused.  Sandy's workshop seemed an ideal choice. 

Sandy went through his method step-by-step - he was very thorough, but did not make things over-complicated.  During his presentation he told some interesting stories that helped to keep the atmosphere light-hearted.  He welcomed questions and challenges from members of the class, so it was easy for us to stay alert, even after lunch!  Sandy also provided some short exercises so we could try out the methods ourselves.  The class was small enough for Sandy to give individual attention to anyone who needed help.

For me, Sandy's workshop was a turning point - it was the breakthrough I had been looking for."

Bernard Jarvis


For Sandy,

Just a short email to say thank you to you and Sandra for the well organised and presented  seminar on Saturday which was once again most informative and thought provoking.

Look forward to receipt of your email with information mentioned and appreciate your offer of email dialogue if upon review of notes find questions that did query at the time.

Would also appreciate email of any follow up revision seminars or get togethers in due course.

Thanks and with kind regards,




I recently attended the one-day workshop given by Sandy, and was extremely pleased with the outcome.  I’ve studied conventional T.A. for the past year, and found that much of it can be a little too subjective for my liking, especially with the use of indicators.  I had not previously taken a serious look at the use of Fibonacci ratios - that has been my loss.  After Sandy showing us a few charts, any scepticism quickly disappeared, and I have since been amazed at how uncannily accurate this method of calculation can be, time and time again. It’s an eye opener; I really am sold on it.

Despite being in great physical pain from an abscess (I’m sure lesser men would’ve cancelled) Sandy took us through the day, simply at first, then onto the more advanced principles, always making sure we understood and were up to speed, giving individual attention where required.

Sandy delivered all, and more, that was expected of him, His students leave the course armed with a method that has a defined and un-ambiguous set of rules, a method that has instantly and vastly improved my trading decisions. 

Sandy is truly interested in his student’s progress, you are given a copy of his workbook, which is invaluable for future reference, but he is also available to answer questions by E-mail.

Thanks Sandy, and If you do a further advanced course, please count me in.

Best regards,

Tris Margetts



"He has a genuine desire to teach and train others to become successful people in trading and in life. His presentation is clear, and directly to the point. This was an exceptional opportunity to have a professional person share his ideas in an understandable way. I was more than impressed."
Axelle Decolnet

"After attending Sandy Jadeja's course, one thing is clear… his systematic approach, methodology and priceless wisdom will give you the edge for trading the financial markets."
Mark Shelton

"I recently used the reversal signal that you taught me and I gained £4,000 in 2 days by shorting Dow futures, I am truly grateful. I look forward to meeting you for more lessons!"
Jaye Akintola, PhD

“Sandy's course is worth thousands and is much superior compared to other courses I have been to. But yet he is the first person I have met that genuinely cares in helping others to become successful traders. He even offered us further tuition after the course, which is unheard of in this industry. This workshop was really a life changing event for me."
Saria Younus

"Thanks once again for the great training course. You go the extra mile for your clients, which is far more than all the other trainers out there."
George Angelo

"Sandy, I just wanted to let you know that I have had more successful trades in the last 2 weeks than I have had in the last 6 months put together. Thank you."
Jason Bellevue

"This system is highly methodical because we always know well in advance at exactly what price we are going to get in the market. What our profit objectives are and also where we will exit if the market reverses its direction. Its simple and by far the best training course I have ever attended. I truly love it."
Alex Kan

"I have never come across a method like this, which requires minimum thinking. This is simply brilliant."
Sheila Bolton

"My investment in time and money has been paid off handsomely - Thanks Sandy."
Peter Byrne

"Takes the guesswork out of making money in the market."
Francis Leiton

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